Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm back!

After a crazy 4 years, I'm back!

Unfortunately the server that all the map and cool stats were on is no more, but you can still use the little search bar on the right to do a blog-only search to see if a county has already been done.

My new PO Box is:

Carey Jensen
P.O. Box 150708
Lufkin, Texas 75915

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Augusta (Kennebec County), Maine

Here's a nice looking capitol building from Augusta, Maine in Kennebec County.

This is my last update for a bit, but stay tuned for a lot more from Connor, as well as postcards from West Texas, Southern California, Rhode Island and Maine Chambers of Commerce, Montana, the final Delaware postcard, Louisiana, Chicago, and even Australia :) (whew)

Belfast (Waldo County), Maine

Really nice looking town there. Thanks for the postcard from Waldo County, Maine!

Portland (Cumberland County), Maine

Lobster? In Maine?? Thanks, Connor, for this rare postcard from Portland, Maine in Cumberland County :)

Uncountable Maine Postcard 3

Another regional postmark from Maine

Uncountable Maine Postcard 2

Another unknown postcard from Maine. Don't forget when sending these that if you drop it in a mailbox, the post office slaps a regional sorting mark on it (which can encompass as many as 10 counties), so if you use a mailbox, be sure to say which city or county you sent it from on the card itself (unless it's already printed).

Waldoboro, Maine

The pies must be legendary if the diner has it's own postcard! Thanks for this card from Lincoln County, Maine!

I have to ask: did they have pecan pies?

Farmington (Franklin County), Maine

Looks like this one is from Zip code 04938, which is in Farmington in Franklin County, Maine. This is actually my fourth state for Franklin Countys (others were Ohio, Massachusetts, and New York). I think this humorous postcard is a good substitute :) Thanks Connor!

Unknown County in Maine

Unfortunately, Connor didn't say which county he was in, and I can't tell from the postcard :(

Auburn (Androscoggin County), Maine

Another Connor postcard, from Auburn, Maine in Androscoggin County

Norway (Oxford County), Maine

Now we move from the northwest to the northeast, with a long series of postcards from my church friend from high school, Connor.

I wonder if that guy on the postcard knew he was going to be on a postcard.

Thanks for the postcard from Norway, Maine, which is in Oxford County

Arlington (Gilliam County), Oregon

Gilliam County, Oregon from my parents:

Pendleton (Umatilla County), Oregon

It's just like my parents to go to a casino for the food and not the gambling :) Thanks for the postcard from Umatilla County, Oregon

Cambridge (Washington County), Idaho

Another Mom and Dad postcard from Cambridge in Washington County, Idaho

Wallowa County, Oregon

Here's a Disney postcard from Wallowa County, Oregon from Mom and Dad.

Grande (Union County), Oregon

Another Mom and Dad postcard from Union County, Oregon

Burns (Harney County), Oregon

Another Mom and Dad card from Harney County, Oregon

Horseshoe Bend (Boise County), Idaho

Here's one from Boise County, Idaho, which is not the county that Boise is in. Thanks!

Boardmon (Morrow County), Oregon

Hey, I actually have that stamp! I bought a pack of them so every time I visit a new state I can send Vladimir a postcard about the state with the state "greetings" stamp on it :)

Thanks for the postcard from Morrow County, Oregon

Scappoose (Columbia County), Oregon

Another Raccoon postcard, this time from Scappoose in Columbia County, Oregon. Sounds like Oregon has a raccoon problem :)