Thursday, August 9, 2007

P.O. Box Time!

I finally went out and got a P.O. Box, so I can comfortably have random people on the Internet send me postcards. If you're interested in helping me out, here is my address and ground rules:

Carey Jensen
P.O. Box 7245
Houston, TX 77248

Ground Rules:

  1. The postcard should be postmarked and be send from within the county it's representing.
  2. The postcard should be about the county or a city within the county. Make it interesting :) If a postcard like that doesn't exist (which is totally possible for smaller counties), a postcard about the general region or even the state itself would be acceptable.
  3. Please include at least your first name. I scan all the postcards for the blog, so if you don't want your last name posted on the Internet, don't write it :)
  4. If you want me to link (from this blog) to a website or company of yours, include it on the postcard, unless I already know where you're sending it from (like a visitor's bureau that I've emailed, etc.)

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