Monday, July 28, 2008

1 year, 208 Counties

It's been one year since my first postcard! Thank you everyone for a great year of postcard collecting! As of today, I'm all caught up with 208 postcards! It was a great surge recently, with all my regular readers going on road trips :)

So far it looks like I have every state represented except 4: North Dakota and South Dakota, Alabama, and West Virginia.

The leader in number of postcards is Texas with 37 postcards (thanks to my parents), followed by Missouri with 15 postcards (thanks to Frankie), and California with 13 postcards (thanks to everyone!).

Keep them coming! At this rate, I'll be done in 15 years!


Scott said...

I will be in North Dakota on Thursday and South Dakota on Friday! Your address is on my postcard list. Hmm... Scott

Carey said...

Great! Think you can swing by West Virginia on your way? ;)

Scott said...

Only if there were to be an emergency landing. I might make my way into Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia in September.