Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10% Mark reached!

Wow, that was a big update. After I sorted through all my postcards, I found there was a huge stack of them that were never updated (from around September 2008). I updated all of them, and got a net gain of 25 counties, bringing me to a total of 315 out of 3141 postcards after the 4 today. That's more than 10%!

It's so great to have so many people willing to think of me on their travels. I want to especially thank Scott in Philly, Frankie, Big Dave, and J. Stephen Conn, all of whom I have never met, but they continually send me postcards every time they travel. Thanks guys!

Of course I can't forget my friends and family, with special thanks to the biggest contributors: my parents, who have contributed to 57 counties! Also thanks to Dan, Drennan, Theresa, and Melissa, and Drew, who went above and beyond the normal "Ok, sure, I'll send you one" response that I expect from friends and family, and continually send me postcards when they travel.

20% is just around the corner :) Keep 'em coming!

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