Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Postmark woes

Well it looks as if I can't count on the postmarks to verify that a postcard came from a particular county. If you look at the Adams County, Nebraska postcard, you'll see that the postmark only has the first three digits of the zip code printed on it. I looked at the envelopes the other postcards came in and they were all postmarked the same way: with only the first three digits of the postmark. What's worse is that the first three digits don't even match up from where they were sent from!

My guess is that everything gets sent off to a regional sorting center and then postmarked. Does anyone out there know for sure what's going on? I know if I send a metered mailing from my office, it has our zip code on it. Has the post office stopped doing that?


dan said...

I smell shenanigans.

I am sorry to report that this significantly lowers the "cool" factor :-(

carey said...

I would insist that the postcard is about the county it's sent from, but not all counties have enough people to make postcards worthwhile.