Saturday, August 18, 2007

Allen County, Indiana

This next postcard comes from the Allen County - Fort Wayne Historical Society in Indiana. This is the city hall building, completed in 1893 and renovated in 1980. I'm guessing this photograph was taken before it was renovated.

As you can see by the postcard, Allen county is the third largest county in Indiana by population, and the largest county by size :) I love it when I get statistical information, as I'm such a big numbers nerd. Allen County is in the northeast area of Indiana on the Ohio border. They have a total area of 660 square miles. It still strikes me as odd, being from Houston, how small counties up north are. The county where I live is 1,778 square miles, and we're 14th in size in the state of Texas! At least we're #1 by population, and #3 in the nation :)

Like I said, I'm a numbers nerd! Thanks again to the AC-FWHS!

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