Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cincinnati (Hamilton County), Ohio

This one comes from my friend Dan from At least I assume it's from Dan, since there is no name on it, as per my ground rules. Don't worry Dan, I'm just giving you a hard time :) Obviously he is using this chance as a shameless plug for his own blog (which is not only fine, but expected!). He was the first one I told about this endeavor, as we were bouncing "every whatever" ideas off each other. I'm tempted to try this recipe now :) I'm not sure I've ever had chili with cinnamon in it.

So Dan, they did only put a 3 digit postmark from the Cincinnati sorting center, but the people at the Madeira post office put a 5 digit stamp on for you.

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dan said...

Yes that was indeed from me. My local 45243 post office did put a 5 digit postmark on it. I made (several) visits to the post office, and eventually when I finally was ready to send the postcard, I asked about the 3-digit / 5-digit discrepancy. The lady behind the counter looked at me like she didn't know what I was talking about (comforting, given that she was an actual employee) but said that if I wanted, she would give it the 5-digit stamp there.

As for Cincinnati chili, it's definitely an acquired taste (at least so I've heard). I have only had it once, and it was not a good experience, and I've never been back.

Don't worry - my next postcard has an Ohio recipe that's MUCH better