Monday, August 6, 2007

Crow Wing County, Minnesota

This next one was a complete surprise to me! This one comes from Melody in Minnesota, and it looks like she actually took the photograph on the postcard herself in St. Croix State Park. I don't think you can get much more local than that! Thanks Melody!


MNMelodies said...

Well I have to apologize Carey.

St. Croix is actually clear on the East end bordering MN & WI. It's mailed "from" Crow Wing County, but the picture is taken in St. Croix State Park. Although that pretty little daisy is EVERYWHERE in this state :-)

And yes, that is my picture and a shameless plug for my little hobby.


carey said...

It's no problem, you sent it "representing" Crow Wing County, so I'll keep it as it is :)

MNMelodies said...

Oh, and thanks for linking my website page! :-)