Monday, August 6, 2007

What the Heck is This?

So in my collection of postcards that I got over the weekend that I'm so diligently updating, I got an envelope from Accomack County, Virginia. Like with all the other mailings, I excitedly opened the envelope to see what was inside. All they sent me was a pamphlet (not even a postcard) for the Best Western in the area. You know the kind... when you're sitting in a hotel lobby and you see a rack of pamphlets for attractions, food and lodging in the area... that kind of pamphlet. I'm lenient in what I consider to "count" towards the goal, but this one obviously doesn't. If it had been a postcard with a Best Western on it, I might of considered it, but not a pamphlet. I'm not even going to bother scanning it.

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carey said...

I apologized for this post here