Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shiner (Lavaca County), Texas

This one comes from my wife! We went to the Spoetzl Brewery. In keeping with the spirit of the quest, I made sure that she got to pick out the postcard, and that I didn't get to see what postcard or what she wrote on it until it got to me.

The thing that strikes me odd about this postcard is the postmark. For some reason it went all the way to Corpus Christi (132 miles in the opposite direction of its destination), when the sorting facilities at Victoria, Austin, San Antonio, Bryan, and Houston are all closer. I checked it out, and the normal sorting facility for Shiner is in Victoria. I know for a fact this one was sent from the post office in Shiner, because I saw my wife put the card directly in the mailbox. I guess it's just another post office mystery.

In case you're wondering about the 34 cent stamp, it's an old first class stamp. I went to buy postcard stamps the day before and they wouldn't sell them in increments less than 100, so I didn't get any.

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