Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gasconade County, MIssiouri

Here's another from my mystery traveler, Frankie. He sent another one from the eastern Missouri area, Gasconade County, apparently known for their Wine County :) I also collect counties by driving through them, but when I can't, I like to see the postcards and dream :) Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carey, Frankie here: I have a few more on the way. I do pick them up in the county that they're from, but have to mail them when I return home (St. Peters). Now that I keep your address with me, I can adhere to your rule #1.

carey said...

Great Frankie! I suppose I can let it slide this time, since your home is so close to the counties you're sending them from. I had a woman send me a postcard she got on her trip to Maine, but she waited to get home to Minnesota to send it... which is stretching it just a little.