Monday, August 20, 2007

Chicago (Cook County), Illinois

Here is another Mom's church friend card from Leah Korn. Apparently, she loves Chicago :) This postcard actually came in one of those "my bad" envelopes from the U.S. Post Office, stating that they apologize that my mail was damaged. You may not be able to see from the scan, but the heart is actually cut out and see-through on purpose. When it went through a machine, it tore it in half. At least the USPS had the decency to apologize! Thanks, Leah, for the unique postcard!


dan said...

I heart the post office. I loooove when they destroy my mail.

A year or so ago we sent off for our daughter's birth certificate, mailing an application and a certified check to the health department.

A few weeks later, we got our mangled envelope back (without check of course), with a note from the USPS saying "Ooh suerie about that" No, we're really sorry about that and here's how you can get your money back, or anything like that. Just a "Sometimes mail gets destroyed - doesn't it suck to be you?"

Luckily, in a battle of incompetent bloated government bureaucracies, the county health department was nice and we didn't have to pay for an additional one.


Leah said...

I'm glad you liked the postcard. I hope the postmark was what you needed.

Once I got a letter from the Tibetan monk I sponsor, mailed from India, in a plastic bag. It had actually been torn in half. It had a nice apology in it too.