Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bolivar Peninsula (Galveston County), Texas

Here's one of my friends Chris and Theresa from the Houston area who went down to the Bolivar Peninsula, just up the coast from Galveston, in the same county. To answer your question, the two pelicans are easy: there is the Brown Pelican (brownish and smaller) and the White Pelican (all white and larger). The one catch is that juvenile Brown Pelicans have a whitish head, but they are still brown otherwise. Chances are you just saw two different ages of the same type of pelican.

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Carey said...

If you're wondering about the Beaumont Postmark on this, it's because my friend forgot to put postage on it, so it got sent to the postmaster. She said she actually asked the postmaster to mail it to me. I'm glad it got here!