Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saranac Lake (Franklin County), New York

Scott sent this card about Saranac Lake in New York. Unfortunately, he mailed it from Plattsburgh in Clinton County, which Saranac Lake doesn't touch. Since the very first ground rule is that "The postcard should be postmarked and be send from within the county it's representing." I'm still doing honor system, because postmarks can be deceiving (sometimes they get transferred out of the county before they get a postmark), so if you can tell me that you actually sent it from one of those two counties, I'll count it.

Update: Franklin County it is!


Scott said...

Sent in Saranac Lake. Was in Plattsburgh but I was at the post office in Saranac Lake. -Scott

Carey said...

Great! Looks like the post office is in Franklin County, so I'll go ahead and update :)